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Originally from Shepparton in Victoria, Australia, Craig is a self-taught designer and illustrator who started his own design business in Melbourne at 18 years of age. During that time he was appointed as a design consultant to The Reserve Bank of Australia.

Craig's designs and illustrations have graced banknotes throughout the world, including the Australian bicentenary ten-dollar note. His work appears on the original Australian $100 note, the Papua New Guinea Kina, the Cook Islands banknotes and English Pound traveller’s cheques. Craig was also involved in the design and illustration of many countries’ security documents such as passports, bonds and traveller’s cheques.

Craig spends his time between Sydney and California, where his illustrations are regularly commissioned by agencies and designers around the world. He is widely known as the World’s only freelance currency designer. Craig has also designed and illustrated  numerous stamps for Australia Post. His Wine Dogs photos have also been used on stamps for Australia Post.

Craig is a multi award-winning artist and photographer whose artwork appears on hundreds of wine labels and numerous design and advertising campaigns across four continents.

He is also the co-creator of the Internationally trademarked brand Wine Dogs, where he serves as publisher, co-author and photographer of over 21 International best-selling books.


Banknotes & Currency


Australian $100 note 1984

Papua New Guinea 10 Kina note 1986

CBA £10 Traveller Cheque 1986

CBA £20 Traveller Cheque 1986

CBA $20 Traveller Cheque 1986

CBA $50 Traveller Cheque 1986

CBA $100 Traveller Cheque 1986

Cook Islands $3 note 1987

Cook Islands $10 note 1987

Cook Islands $20 note 1987

Australian $10 Bicentenary note 1988

Australian $5 note 1992


Books Illustrated


A Game of Our Own: Geoffrey Blainey (Information Australia) 1990

The King Neptune Day & Night Club: Larry Buttrose (Harper Collins) 1992

Tommo & Hawk: Bryce Courtney (Penguin) 1997

A little bit of hope: The ADF in Somalia: Bob Breen (Allen & Unwin) 1998

Poe’s Cat: Brenda Walker (Penguin) 1999

Potato Factory: Bryce Courtney (Penguin) 2000

The Australian Trilogy: Bryce Courtney (Penguin) 2000

Matthew Flinders’ Cat: Bryce Courtney (Penguin) 2002

Shipwrecks: Evan McHugh (Penguin) 2003

Outback Heroes: Evan McHugh (Penguin) 2004

Being Warren Buffett: Nic Liberman (Hardie Grant) 2014

Sonny Ball: Paul Kent (Pan MacMillan) 2015

Showtime: Judy Dunn (Penguin Random House Australia) 2021

Books Photographed

Wine Dogs: Deluxe Edition (2004, 2005, 2006))
Wine Dogs Australia
(2008, 2009)
Wine Dogs Australia 2 (2009)
Wine Dogs Australia 3 (2012)
Wine Dogs Australia 4 (2014)
Wine Dogs Australia 5 (2016)

ine Dogs Australia 6 (2024)
Wine Dogs USA (2006)
Wine Dogs USA 2 (2008)
Wine Dogs USA 3 (2012)
Wine Dogs California (2014)
Wine Dogs California 2 (2016)
Wine Dogs California 3 (2018)

Wine Dogs California 4 (2019)

Wine Dogs California 5 (2022)
Wine Dogs Oregon (2018)
Wine Dogs Italy (2008)
Wine Dogs New Zealand 2 (2015)
Brew Dogs (2018)
Wine Cats (2013, 2016, 2017, 2018)

Album Artwork

The Angels: Bleeding with the times (Mushroom) EP, CD 1990

The Angels: Red Back Fever (Mushroom) LP, CD 1991

(ARIA nominated for best album design)

The Angels: Some of that love (Mushroom) EP, CD 1991

The Angels: Once bitten Twice shy (Mushroom) EP, CD 1991

The Bats: Fear of God (Flying Nun) LP, CD 1991

The Bats: The Black and the Blue, Watch the walls (Flying Nun) EP, CD 1991

The Bats: Boogey Man, Jetsam (Flying Nun) EP, CD 1991

Stamp design

PS Oscar W: Shipping Murray Darling (Australia Post) 2003

PS Marion: Shipping Murray Darling (Australia Post) 2003

PS Ruby: Shipping Murray Darling (Australia Post) 2003

PS Pyap: Shipping Murray Darling (Australia Post) 2003

PS Adelaide: Shipping Murray Darling (Australia Post) 2003

John McDouall Stuart: Inland Explorers (Australia Post) 2012

Overland Crossing 1861-62: Inland Explorers (Australia Post) 2012

Blue Mountains Crossing 1813: Inland Explorers (Australia Post) 2012

Lawson, Wentworth, Blaxland: Inland Explorers (Australia Post) 2012

Queens Birthday (Australia Post) 2 Stamp series - unreleased (2013)

Top Dogs (Australia Post) 5 Stamp series 2013

Clients Include

Toyota, Nisan, Chrysler, Holden, Ford, Honda, Isuzu, QANTAS, Air New Zealand, Ansett, Hotel Nikki, Barracuda, TAB, Natural Gas Hot Water, Westpac, CBA, Austrade, St.George, ANZ, RBA, Sydney Ferries, BevTech, IBM, Raffles Hotel Singapore, Benson & Hedges, TIME Magazine, AFR Magazine, ASIA Week, BRW Magazine, National Geographic, Nestle, NYK Shipping, Tetley Tea, CAT Power Systems, Parks SA, SA Tourism, Tourism Australia, Reader’s Digest, Harper Collins, Penguin Random House Australia, Allen & Unwin, Hardie Grant, Pan MacMillan, Giant Dog Publishing, HOME Hardware, Platinum Capital, Melbourne Water Corporation, Superior Liquorice Co., Malt Shovel Brewery, Hahn Brewery, Petaluma Wines, Wirra Wirra, Gioconda, Dan Murphys, Riverby Estate, Dollar Bill Brewing, Rockbare/MOJO Wines, Heggies Vineyard, Southcorp, Vintage Wine Estates, Penfolds, Nanny Goat Vineyard, Brands Coonawarra, Tower Estate, Pernod Ricard, Miranda Wines, Robertson & de Bilde Wines, Bundaberg Distilling Company, Strong Bow, ALDI, Hewlett-Packard, Mushroom Records, Flying Nun Records, LEE Jeans, Yalumba, Louis Epstein Jeans, State Bank NSW, Holst, Colonial Mutual, Westpoint Corp, Australia Post

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